GENTS 2046

Intercommunication Telephone, Secret, Single Line with No Exchange


The 2046 Parsons Sloper secret intercommunication telephone is a modern Bakelite cased instrument of modern design having a selector switch mounted on front of the case with a ringing button projecting at the bottom right hand side.

The telephone is supplied complete with internal buzzer, sensitive line relay, induction coil, tatler and is supplied complete wired to a rosette with 6ft of cable.

To call another telephone the selector switch is rotated to the desired position, receiver is lifted to the ear and ringing button depressed.  The internal tatler provides an audible indication that the bell at the distant end is ringing.  Non-operation of the tatler indicates that the called telephone is engaged, thus no time need be wasted awaiting answer.

To answer the telephone, receiver is lifted to the ear, rotary switch is turned until a click is heard heard in the receiver indicating that the correct circuit has been found.  Conversation can then begin.

There is no need to reset rotary switch after the call is finished.  Complete secrecy is assured with this system.

Each telephone requires a three cell battery.  A central ringing battery is also necessary.

Available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 models.

Note: Gents bought Gecophone component parts, handsets and cases from GEC.

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Last revised: April 11, 2022