GENTS R50 & R51

Telephone for Party Line Intercommunication (CB)
Button selector, Non-Secret

R50 & R51

10 Way telephone

Where a simple non-secret intercommunication system of telephones is required, the Regent type of instrument is ideal.  Made in two sizes only, 5-way and 10-way, it forms an exceedingly simple and efficient system having application for warehouse, small office, factory, hotel and institution use.

The R.50 telephone is a modern design Bakelite-cased instrument having an internal bell. Push buttons are arranged centrally in front of case for signalling to desired telephone. Each telephone is supplied complete, wired to a Bakelite rosette with 6 ft. of flex cable.

These telephones require multi-core cable for line connections, 7 line cable for 5 station instruments and 12 line cable for 10 station instruments.

One central battery, usually 4 to 5 dry cells, is required for each installation, together with one inductor coil connected in the battery lead.

R.50 - Desk Mounting
R.51 - Wall Mounting

Note: Gents bought Gecophone component parts, handsets and cases from GEC.

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5 way telephone



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Last revised: April 11, 2022