The Glow-phone is the only fully luminescent telephone available in the United Kingdom.


There is nothing more frightening to many people than being trapped in darkness, particularly in an unfamiliar environment; it takes around 10 minutes for the eyes to become accustomed to the dark, hence individuals can become totally disorientated when plunged into sudden blackout conditions, and this in turn can lead to panic.

Panic is contagious, and in many proven instances has led to injuries which caused even greater danger for the trapped people.

Emergency situations are certainly not planned, they simply happen!


The Glow-phone
Luminous telephones capable of emitting a highly visible glow in conditions of darkness are a revolutionary enhancement to the whole Safety field.

The GPT Glow-phone functions as a light emitting unit in sudden blackout situations, so:-

  • assisting in rapid orientation;

  • immediately locating the telephone;

  • providing the vital psychological feeling of security, and facilitating the suppression of any initial sense of panic;

  • assisting in the correct dialling of emergency numbers.

The GPT IXT (*) was selected as the ideal Glow-phone model because of its reliability, robustness and its universal acceptance.


Areas of Application
Cinemas, theatres, restaurants and nightclubs.

Lifts, cold stores and vaults.
Passageways, oil and gas rigs.

Operations control centres.
Power stations.
Motorways and subway tunnels.


The Glow-phone absorbs and stores light energy. When the source of light is removed, the telephone will emit an intense green glow which is highly visible in dark conditions.

The glow will be brightest during the first thirty minutes, and this is considered to be the most critical period in emergencies in terms of panic inducement. The green glow can last for several hours.

As the Glow-phone is dependent upon light for charging, it cannot be used in non-illuminated areas.

The telephone is saturated by a few seconds exposure to almost all commonly available light sources, and the glowing property will last a lifetime.

The Glow-phone is a non-radioactive, non-toxic, inorganic, inert, non-hazardous telephone terminal, and carries the statutory UK Approvals.

Award Winner
The GPT Glow-phone was recently presented with the prestigious John Logie Baird Award for Innovation by Margaret Baird and Sir Clive Sinclair on the centenary of the birth of the television entrepreneur.

Future Safety Trends
Evaluations are being conducted on the use of luminous products in the whole safety area, and many applications have already been identified.

Scientists at the Building Research Establishment have been testing luminous materials that may replace emergency lighting systems in public buildings.

Safety Executives are closely examining the advantages of using the luminous telephone terminal with a view to further enhancing existing safety systems.

Note:- The GPT IXT is BS6317 approved and meets the BS6301 Telecommunications Requirements.

Taken from the GPT Glow-phone leaflet


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Last revised: February 21, 2023