Local underground cabling can be in different forms:-
  • Cables can be fed to a local joint box and then cables to customers premises radiate from this box.
  • For multiple line customers the cable would go directly to the premises and terminate inside.
  • A cable is run along the front of premises and pairs of wires picked out and then joined to cables which feed each premise - in this case armoured cable would probably be used.
  • Cables are joined in a Joint Post.
  • Fibre optic cable feed to each premise from a street cabinet (modern way of connection).

The 1970's way to feed underground to the premises is shown below:-

This is a mock up but shows a small joint box with the big feed in and smaller feeds away.
A cast iron cover would be placed on top.


A Joint Post.  The cables are terminated in the post and the cover locked in position.


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Last revised: April 02, 2023