Handset No. 10A-1 is the standard handset used on Tele No. 2/722.
Handset No. 10A-2 is used on the PMBX No. 12

The Handset No. 10A-1 is fitted with Transmitter Inset No. 15, Receiver Inset No. 3T and Cord Inst No. 4/109AX 10in which were all available separately.  Body colours are green, blue and grey.

The Handset No.10A-2 is as above except that it is fitted with a Cord 4/77AB (Plug No. 420).

The picture below shows the speaking tube and the spring which holds the transmitter in place.  The top of this spring clip also holds the receiver in place when the earpiece assembly is located on the handset body.

Handset components

To remove the transmitter:-

  1. Remove the screw from the top of the handset.
  2. Lift the earpiece assembly away and upwards from the body of the handset.
  3. The receiver is connected by two wires and will just hang.
  4. The transmitter is held in place by the spring clip - squeeze the top of the springs legs and remove the spring from the clip.
  5. Slide the spring clip out of the handset body.
  6. The transmitter will now drop out of the handset.

Re-assembly is the opposite way around.

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Last revised: February 18, 2021