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APPROVAL No. NS/1143/123/L/601793

 The Siemens Hicom is a digital ISPBX which uses A law encoding. In its smallest configuration it is housed in a single cabinet with single processor working and a single switching stage. In its largest configuration the system consists of a number of cabinets with dual processor working and two stage switching. This system can offer typically 32-16000 extensions plus 4000 trunks of various types.

Telephone shown to the right is an Optiset Advance.

The approved configurations of Hicom 300 are:-
Model 3x3 (323, 333, 343, 353)
Model 340 (includes 33X, 34X, 35X, 36X)
Model 370 (includes 37X, 38X)
Model 390 (39X)
Model 3x3 represents the smallest system configurations and model 39X the largest.

This system can either be powered from A.C. mains supply or from -48V d.c supply.

The system provides powerfail/MEF backup in the form of emergency telephones for analogue services and back busying for digital/DDI services.

The Hicom 300 is a 4 wire switched system which can include numerous servers which provide special services to the user. These servers are of 2 types: integrated which is connected via a system bus, and adaptive which is not connected via a system bus. In addition, dedicated terminals are available to enhance both voice and data features.

All network connections are via either BT type 237A, 75 ohm BNC connectors or 120 ohm RJ45 connectors. The system terminal, Application Command Link (ACL) and Call Information Logging Equipment (CILE) connections are via a D-type connector.

Terminating stations
Integrated Terminating Stations (ITS) approved for use with the Hicom 300 are as follows:

ITS                      Part number         I/F CARD   Loudspeaking
Optiset - Entry		S30817-S7001-AlOl	SLMO		CPM
Optiset - Basic		S30817-S7003-AlOl	SLMO		CPM
Optiset - Standard	S30817-S7004-AlOl	SLMO		FHF
Set 451T8		S30817-S6041-FlOl	SLMB		CPM
Set 451T8		S30817-S6041-F501	SLMB		CPM
Set 451T24D		S30817-S6042-FlOl	SLMB		CPM
Set 451T24D-R		S30817-S6042-F501	SLMB		CPM
Set 451T25FD		S30817-S6043-FlOl	SLMB		FHF
set 551T17		S30817-S6054-FlOl	SLMU/KLMU	CPK
Set 751T25FD		S30817-S6071-FlOl	SLMS		FHF
Operators Console	S30807-H5315-B		SLMB
Tradeboard		S30807-K5551-XX		SLMT		FHF
Tradeboard Touchscreen	S30807-K5580-X		SLMT		FHF
AC2 Operators Console	S30807-H5430-B		SLMB
Set 551 T25 FD		S30817-S6051-FlOl	SLMU/KLMU	FHF
Optiset - Advance	S30817-S7005-AlOl	SLMO		CPM
Optiset - Advance Plus	S30817-S7006~A101	SLMO		FHF
Optiset - Memory	S30817-S7008-AlOl	SLMO		FHF

Integral headsets approved for use with the Hicom 300 are in accordance 
with the following table:

	ITS			Headset(s)		Spectra Telephone
							Adapter setting
	451 T8 			MBH-560-2			8
	(S30817-S6041-F501)	MBH-560B-2
	451 T8 
	(S30817-S6041-FlOl)	Ditto				8
	451 T24D		Ditto				c
	451 T25FD		Ditto				c
	551 T25FD		Ditto				c
	751 T25FD		Ditto				c
	Operators Console       HS 594-*D
                              	HS 383-*D

The Plantronics Spectra headsets indicated above are only approved for use in conjunction with the Spectra telephone adapter rotary transmission dial setting listed.

The system is available in 4 (maximum) size ranges:-
Model 3x3 (2 cabinets) supports up to 384 ports
Model 340 (1 cabinet) supports up to 512 ports
Model 370 (2 cabinets) supports up to 2048 ports
Model 390 (32 cabinets) supports up to 20000 ports

Dimensions (Per cabinet)
Height: 1885mm + 365mm for overhead cable tray
Depth : 500mm
Width : 770mm + 40mm for each side panel

Weight (kg)
Fully equipped cabinet: 220 kg Approx.

The system is floor mounted with either overhead cable or access to under floor trunking.

Wall Loading
Fully equipped: 30 Kg (300n) Approx.


			Normal operating		Limits of
			Range				operating Range

Temperature		+16 to 320 C			+10 to +400 C

Absolute Humidity	6 to 18g of water		2 to 25g of water
			/cubic metre			/cubic metre

Relative Humidity	20 to 70%			20 to 80%

Heat Dissipation					500W/metre sq


Hicom 300E Communication Server

The Hicom 300E Communication Server is Siemens global solution for international corporate customers, providing customers with a single communication platform, which can provide a common communication applications and solutions on a global basis. The Hicom 300E Communications Server, provides users with an ideal communication platform for business driven solutions, and is characterised by the following:-

The Hicom 300E Communication Server is available in three scaleable platform configurations supporting, system capacities from, 96 to 5760 ports.

Hicom 300E model range

Maximum port size







The Hicom 300E product range enables users to choose the right platform configuration appropriate to their business needs, while retaining the flexibility to migrate and expand as future business needs demand.

The Hicom 300E Communication Server provides the same high level of user features, supporting the same system software across the entire product range. The Hicom 300E operates on an "Any card any slot" principle, with homogenous Hicom 300E peripheral cards.

High speed access
The Hicom 300E communications server provides users with an integrated Ethernet LAN interface, allowing high speed access for Hicom 300E system management, LAN-LAN connections and CTI applications.

Open Connectivity
The Hicom 300E Communication Server’s open architecture protects customers investment by allowing users to benefit from leading business applications, integrated computer telephony applications and voice and data integration.

  • The Hicom 300E integrates with CTI standards such as CSTA, IBM Callpath and TSAPI
  • The Hicom Xpress Portfolio provides gateways into the world of IP and ATM

Enhanced Networking
Hicom 300E’s extensive networking portfolio provides enterprise organisations with, cost-effective and feature rich networking applications, both for homogenous and heterogeneous networks. This allows companies to implement communication networks with high convenience features and centralised applications.

The above information is historical, so please go to the Siemens site for the most up to date information.

Backing up a Hicom 300

List of System Commands


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