HiNet Stackable PBX: VS1500/ VS1600

The VS1500/ VS1600 stackable PBXs are based on the successful global Hicom Office architecture. With an integrated HiNet router, plus a hub/ switch, the VS1500/ VS1600 provides a total solution for small business or branch offices seeking simple to use, yet effective, technologically advanced voice and data communications. Whether you have one or multiple offices the HiNet stackable PBXs are very simple to set up and use.

The VS1500 provides capacity up to 32 extensions, whereas the VS1600 can support up to 48 extensions.

The VS1500 and VS1600 enable businesses to reduce costs through the sharing of voice and data traffic in the wide area. In 2000, the HiNet Xpress@LAN router will be launched, enabling customers to benefit from the advantages of VoIP in the LAN, as well as the WAN. This will use the same IP phones as the HiNet RC3000. The HiNet Stackable PBX solution therefore allows reliable, sophisticated communications today, with a migration path to a fully converged network.

  • Shared ISDN lines for voice, data and video
  • Least cost routing for all traffic
  • Multiple Internet users (no need for lots of accounts)
  • Accurate tracking of telephony and data costs
Users can enjoy the sophisticated features associated with the Hicom Office, such as caller line ID, DDI numbers, divert, voice mail, ACD, hunt groups, and many more. The VS1500/ 1600 is a fully digital system, with fully featured and easy to use range of Optiset phones .
File Transfer
With ISDN you can transmit data up to ten times faster than normal phone calls, allowing you to instantly access high-quality images and large files, from other sites or from the Internet.
One address per user, saving costs on individual accounts.
The VS1500/ VS1600 can be integrated with any manufacture’s hubs or switches
Internet access
By using the integrated router, high speed/high quality access to the Internet is via an Internet Service Provider, thus providing cost-effective solutions for all PCs in the network. Firewalls ensure secure access.
Like an email, Group 3 faxes can be sent and received directly from the PC.
Teleworking/ Home working
As flexibility for employees is becoming more important, HiNet Office provides employees with the ability to access the same information, whether in the office, at home or on the road, for example, picking up voice mails, emails and sending/receiving files.
The integration of computers and telephony allows your business to store, access and categorise information about your callers. For example, when a customer calls, his or her details will appear simultaneously on the screen of the PC as "screen pops". First and third party CTI solutions are available.
ACD solutions
The HiNet solutions allow your business to make and receive more calls with fewer people, provide first-class service, and get the most value out of each call.
Networking with your other offices
By making use of the networking protocol, CorNet, HiNet VS 1500/ 1600 can form part of a highly featured HiNet/ Hicom office network.
Remote management
All voice and data elements of the HiNet VS1500/ 16000 can be managed remotely, from a central site via SNMP management.

Features and Technical Data

Technical Data: HiNet Integrated Router

The HiNet Integrated Router is an integrated router which uses existing HiNet VS 1500/ 1600 ISDN exchange lines and can therefore provide full LCR functionality for fax and data communications. The transmission protocol is TCP/IP and supports channel bundling up to a maximum of 8 B channels by using the PPP multilink protocol. Firewall mechanisms can be configured to satisfy customer requirements and thereby secure authoriSed access.

  • IP/ IPX Router
  • Up to 8 ISDN B channels
  • Access control via CLIP, automatic callback, IP/ IPX check
  • LAN-LAN link via ISDN
  • Remote LAN access
  • Internet access
  • Dynamic Channel Bundling (up to 8 B channels)
  • PPP and PPP multi-link protocol (ML-PPP)
  • Authentication protocols (PAP, CHAP)
  • MAC firewall
  • CTI: 1st and 3rd party
  • Telematic services (Fritz fax, file transfer)
  • 10 baseT interface

The key benefits above an external router are the fax service, and CTI capabilities, plus the fact that it is not a physical add on to the stackable solution.


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Last revised: December 02, 2018