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This document is a pot pourri of information. It does not replace official documentation for a product or service but intends to give an overview.  Some of the information is raw, whilst some is complete.  If you find something inaccurate or wish to have an input into the document then contact the author.

The author of this document is R. Freshwater (no, that's not me on the left - I'm the stupid looking one in the police telephone outfit elsewhere on this site).
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Nick Davies, Neil Johannessen, Stuart Chester, Paul Ash, Mike Fletcher, Edward Andrzei Szor, Hugh Burrows, Ian Jolly, John Goldfinch, Richard Allan, Rui Teixeira, Peter Bradley, Steve Morgan, Craig Shepherd, Mark Hutchison, Rupert Pitts, Sam Hallas, Danny Hartley, Number 6, Keith Green.

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