T H E   B A R E   B O N E S   G U I D E   T O   H T M L        
                              by Kevin Werbach

                      Version 3.0  --  July 21, 1996

Webb servers are nearly all UNIX based and because of this all file names 
and links (within files) should be in lower case!

This document is permanently located at &lt>. 

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists all the tags that current versions of 
most browsers are likely to recognize. I have included all the tags in the 
HTML 3.2 specification, as well as Netscape extensions included in versions 
of Netscape Navigator up to 3.0b5.  The Guide is designed to be as concise 
as possible, and therefore it doesn't go into any detail about how to use 
the various tags.  There are numerous step-by-step HTML guides on the Web; 
I have links to many of them at &lt>.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome; you can reach me via Email
at &>.  

This document looks best displayed in a monospaced font.  

For clarity, I have separated out different attributes that can be applied 
to the same tag onto separate lines.  Generally, multiple attributes can be 
combined in the same tag.  

Tags are listed in upper case for ease of reading, although most tags are
not case sensitive.

URL    URL of an external file (or just file name if in the same directory)
?      Arbitrary number (i.e. &ltH?> means &ltH1>, &ltH2>, &ltH3>, etc.)
%      Arbitrary percentage (i.e. &ltHR WIDTH="%"> means &ltHR WIDTH="50%">, etc.)
***    Arbitrary text (i.e. ALT="***" means fill in with text)    
$$$$$$ Arbitrary hex (i.e. BGCOLOR="#$$$$$$" means BGCOLOR="#00FF1C", etc.)
,,,    Comma-delimited (i.e. COORDS=",,," means COORDS="0,0,50,50", etc.)
|      Alternatives (i.e. ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER means pick one of these)

COMPATIBILITY (remember, HTML is evolving and browser implementations vary)
       (no notation) In the HTML 3.2 spec.; should work on all browsers 
N1.0   Netscape extension introduced with Navigator version 1.0
N1.1   Netscape extension introduced with Navigator version 1.1
N2.0   Netscape extension introduced with Navigator version 2.0 
N3.0B  Netscape extension introduced with Navigator version 3.0 beta


GENERAL  (all HTML documents should have these)
       Document Type    &ltHTML></HTML>      (beginning and end of file)
       Title            &ltTITLE></TITLE>    (must be in header)
       Header           &ltHEAD></HEAD>      (descriptive info, such as title)
       Body             &ltBODY></BODY>      (bulk of the page)

STRUCTURAL DEFINITION  (appearance controlled by the browser's preferences)
       Heading          &ltH?></H?>          (the spec. defines 6 levels)
         Align Heading    &ltH? ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT></H?>
       Division         &ltDIV></DIV>
         Align Division   &ltDIV ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER|JUSTIFY></DIV>
       Block Quote      &ltBLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE>    (usually indented)
       Emphasis         &ltEM></EM>          (usually displayed as italic)
       Strong Emphasis  &ltSTRONG></STRONG>  (usually displayed as bold)
       Citation         &ltCITE></CITE>      (usually italics)
       Code             &ltCODE></CODE>      (for source code listings)
       Sample Output    &ltSAMP></SAMP>
       Keyboard Input   &ltKBD></KBD>
       Variable         &ltVAR></VAR>
       Definition       &ltDFN></DFN>        (not widely implemented)
       Author's Address &ltADDRESS></ADDRESS>
       Large Font Size  &ltBIG></BIG>
       Small Font Size  &ltSMALL></SMALL>

PRESENTATION FORMATTING  (author specifies text appearance)
       Bold             &ltB></B>
       Italic           &ltI></I>
N3.0b  Underline        &ltU></U>            (not widely implemented yet)
       Strikeout        &ltSTRIKE></STRIKE>  (not widely implemented yet)
N3.0b  Strikeout        &ltS></S>            (not widely implemented yet)
       Subscript        &ltSUB></SUB>
       Superscript      &ltSUP></SUP>
       Typewriter       &ltTT></TT>          (displays in a monospaced font)
       Preformatted     &ltPRE></PRE>        (display text spacing as-is)
         Width          &ltPRE WIDTH=?></PRE>   (in characters)
       Center           &ltCENTER></CENTER>  (for both text and images)
N1.0   Blinking         &ltBLINK></BLINK>    (the most derided tag ever)
       Font Size        &ltFONT SIZE=?></FONT>       (ranges from 1-7)
       Change Font Size &ltFONT SIZE="+|-?"></FONT>
N1.0   Base Font Size   &ltBASEFONT SIZE=?>  (from 1-7; default is 3)
       Font Color       &ltFONT COLOR="#$$$$$$"></FONT>
N3.0b  Select Font      &ltFONT FACE="***"></FONT>
N3.0b  Multi-Column     &ltMULTICOL COLS=?></MULTICOL>
N3.0b    Column Gutter    &ltMULTICOL GUTTER=?></MULTICOL>
N3.0b    Column Width     &ltMULTICOL WIDTH=?></MULTICOL>
N3.0b  Spacer           &ltSPACER>
N3.0b    Spacer Type      &ltSPACER TYPE=horizontal|vertical|block>
N3.0b    Size             &ltSPACER SIZE=?>
N3.0b    Dimensions       &ltSPACER WIDTH=? HEIGHT=?>
N3.0b    Alignment        &ltSPACER ALIGN=left|right|center>

       Link Something   &ltA HREF="URL"></A>        
         Link to Target   &ltA HREF="URL#***"></A>  (if in another document)
                          &ltA HREF="#***"></A>     (if in current document)
N2.0     Target Window    &ltA HREF="URL" TARGET="***"></A>
       Define Target    &ltA NAME="***"></A> 
       Display Image    &ltIMG SRC="URL">   
         Alignment        &ltIMG SRC="URL" ALIGN=TOP|BOTTOM|MIDDLE|LEFT|RIGHT>    
N1.0     Alignment        &ltIMG SRC="URL" ALIGN=TEXTTOP|ABSMIDDLE|
         Alternate        &ltIMG SRC="URL" ALT="***"> (if image not displayed)
         Dimensions       &ltIMG SRC="URL" WIDTH=? HEIGHT=?>   (in pixels)
         Border           &ltIMG SRC="URL" BORDER=?>             (in pixels)
         Runaround Space  &ltIMG SRC="URL" HSPACE=? VSPACE=?>      (in pixels)
N1.0     Low-Res Proxy    &ltIMG SRC="URL" LOWSRC="URL">    
         Imagemap         &ltIMG SRC="URL" ISMAP>     (requires a script)
         Imagemap         &ltIMG SRC="URL" USEMAP="URL">
       Map              &ltMAP NAME="***"></MAP>   (describes the map)
       Section          &ltAREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS=",,," HREF="URL"|NOHREF> 
N1.1   Client Pull      &ltMETA HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="?; URL=URL">
N2.0   Embed Object     &ltEMBED SRC="URL">  (insert object into page)
N2.0     Object Size      &ltEMBED SRC="URL" WIDTH=? HEIGHT=?>   

       Paragraph        &ltP></P>            (closing tag often unnecessary)
         Align Text       &ltP ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT></P>
       Line Break       &ltBR>               (a single carriage return)
         Clear Textwrap   &ltBR CLEAR=LEFT|RIGHT|ALL>   
       Horizontal Rule  &ltHR>
         Alignment        &ltHR ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER>
         Thickness        &ltHR SIZE=?>      (in pixels)
         Width            &ltHR WIDTH=?>     (in pixels)
         Width Percent    &ltHR WIDTH="%">     (as a percentage of page width)
        Solid Line       &ltHR NOSHADE>     (without the 3D cutout look)    
N1.0   No Break         &ltNOBR></NOBR>       (prevents line breaks)
N1.0   Word Break       &ltWBR>              (where to break a line if needed)  

LISTS  (lists can be nested)
       Unordered List   &ltUL>&ltLI></UL>      (&ltLI> before each list item)
         Compact          &ltUL COMPACT></UL>
         Bullet Type      &ltUL TYPE=DISC|CIRCLE|SQUARE>  (for the whole list)
                          &ltLI TYPE=DISC|CIRCLE|SQUARE>  (this & subsequent)
       Ordered List     &ltOL>&ltLI></OL>      (&ltLI> before each list item)
         Compact          &ltOL COMPACT></OL>
         Numbering Type &ltOL TYPE=A|a|I|i|1>      (for the whole list)
                          &ltLI TYPE=A|a|I|i|1>      (this & subsequent)
         Starting Number  &ltOL START=?>             (for the whole list)
                          &ltLI VALUE=?>             (this & subsequent)
       Definition List  &ltDL>&ltDT>&ltDD></DL>  (&ltDT>=term, &ltDD>=definition)
         Compact          &ltDL COMPACT></DL>
       Menu List        &ltMENU>&ltLI></MENU>  (&ltLI> before each list item)
         Compact          &ltMENU COMPACT></MENU>
       Directory List   &ltDIR>&ltLI></DIR>    (&ltLI> before each list item)
         Compact          &ltDIR COMPACT></DIR>

       Tiled Bkground   &ltBODY BACKGROUND="URL">  
       Bkground Color   &ltBODY BGCOLOR="#$$$$$$"> (order is red/green/blue)
         Text Color       &ltBODY TEXT="#$$$$$$">
         Link Color       &ltBODY LINK="#$$$$$$">
         Visited Link     &ltBODY VLINK="#$$$$$$">
         Active Link      &ltBODY ALINK="#$$$$$$">
(More info at &lt>)

SPECIAL CHARACTERS  (these must all be in lower case)
       Special Character &#?;            (where ? is the ISO 8859-1 code)
       <                 <
       >                 >
       &                 &  
       "                 "
       Registered TM     
       Registered TM     
       Non-Breaking Spc   
(Complete list at &lt>)

FORMS  (generally require a script on your server)
       Define Form      &ltFORM ACTION="URL" METHOD=GET|POST></FORM>      
N2.0     File Upload      &ltFORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data></FORM>
         Field Name       &ltINPUT NAME="***">
         Field Value      &ltINPUT VALUE="***">
         Checked?         &ltINPUT CHECKED>  (checkboxes and radio boxes)     
         Field Size       &ltINPUT SIZE=?>       (in characters)
         Max Length       &ltINPUT MAXLENGTH=?>  (in characters)
       Selection List   &ltSELECT></SELECT>
         Name of List     &ltSELECT NAME="***"></SELECT>
         # of Options     &ltSELECT SIZE=?></SELECT>
         Multiple Choice  &ltSELECT MULTIPLE>    (can select more than one)  
       Option           &ltOPTION>           (items that can be selected)
         Default Option   &ltOPTION SELECTED>
       Input Box Size   &ltTEXTAREA ROWS=? COLS=?></TEXTAREA>
         Name of Box      &ltTEXTAREA NAME="***"></TEXTAREA>

       Define Table     &ltTABLE></TABLE>
         Table Border     &ltTABLE BORDER></TABLE>    (either on or off)
         Table Border     &ltTABLE BORDER=?></TABLE>  (you can set the value)
         Cell Spacing     &ltTABLE CELLSPACING=?>
         Cell Padding     &ltTABLE CELLPADDING=?>
         Desired Width    &ltTABLE WIDTH=?>           (in pixels)
         Width Percent    &ltTABLE WIDTH=%>           (percentage of page)
       Table Row        &ltTR></TR>
         Alignment        &ltTR ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER  
       Table Cell       &ltTD></TD>          (must appear within table rows)
         Alignment        &ltTD ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER
         No linebreaks    &ltTD NOWRAP>
         Columns to Span  &ltTD COLSPAN=?>
         Rows to Span     &ltTD ROWSPAN=?>
N1.1     Desired Width    &ltTD WIDTH=?>     (in pixels)
N1.1     Width Percent    &ltTD WIDTH="%">     (percentage of table)
N3.0b    Cell Color       &ltTD BGCOLOR="#$$$$$$">
       Table Header     &ltTH></TH>     (same as data, except bold centered)
         Alignment        &ltTH ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER
         No Linebreaks    &ltTH NOWRAP>
         Columns to Span  &ltTH COLSPAN=?>
         Rows to Span     &ltTH ROWSPAN=?>
N1.1     Desired Width    &ltTH WIDTH=?>     (in pixels)
N1.1     Width Percent    &ltTH WIDTH="%">     (percentage of table)
N3.0b    Cell Color       &ltTH BGCOLOR="#$$$$$$">
       Table Caption    &ltCAPTION></CAPTION>
         Alignment        &ltCAPTION ALIGN=TOP|BOTTOM>   (above/below table)

FRAMES  (define and manipulate specific regions of the screen)
N2.0   Frame Document   &ltFRAMESET></FRAMESET>           (instead of &ltBODY>)
N2.0     Row Heights      &ltFRAMESET ROWS=,,,></FRAMESET>      (pixels or %)
N2.0     Row Heights      &ltFRAMESET ROWS=*></FRAMESET>  (* = relative size)
N2.0     Column Widths    &ltFRAMESET COLS=,,,></FRAMESET>      (pixels or %)
N2.0     Column Widths    &ltFRAMESET COLS=*></FRAMESET>  (* = relative size)
N3.0b    Borders          &ltFRAMESET FRAMEBORDER="yes|no">
N3.0b    Border Width     &ltFRAMESET BORDER=?>
N3.0b    Border Color     &ltFRAMESET BORDERCOLOR="#$$$$$$">
N2.0   Define Frame     &ltFRAME>           (contents of an individual frame)
N2.0     Display Document &ltFRAME SRC="URL">
N2.0     Frame Name       &ltFRAME NAME="***"|_blank|_self|_parent|_top>
N2.0     Margin Width     &ltFRAME MARGINWIDTH=?>    (left and right margins)
N2.0     Margin Height    &ltFRAME MARGINHEIGHT=?>   (top and bottom margins)
N2.0     Scrollbar?       &ltFRAME SCROLLING="YES|NO|AUTO">
N2.0     Not Resizable    &ltFRAME NORESIZE>
N3.0b    Borders          &ltFRAME FRAMEBORDER="yes|no">
N3.0b    Border Color     &ltFRAME BORDERCOLOR="#$$$$$$">
N2.0   Unframed Content &ltNOFRAMES></NOFRAMES>     (for non-frames browsers)

       Applet           &ltAPPLET></APPLET> 
         File Name        &ltAPPLET CODE="***"> 
         Parameters       &ltAPPLET PARAM NAME="***"> 
         Location         &ltAPPLET CODEBASE="URL"> 
         Identifier       &ltAPPLET NAME="***">        (for references)
         Alt Text         &ltAPPLET ALT="***">         (for non-Java browsers) 
         Alignment        &ltAPPLET ALIGN="LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER"> 
         Size             &ltAPPLET WIDTH=? HEIGHT=?>  (in pixels) 
         Spacing          &ltAPPLET HSPACE=? VSPACE=?> (in pixels) 

       Comment          <!-- *** -->       (not displayed by the browser)   
       Prologue         <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN">
       Searchable       &ltISINDEX>          (indicates a searchable index)   
        Prompt           &ltISINDEX PROMPT="***">    (text to prompt input)
       Send Search      &ltA HREF="URL?***"></a>  (use a real question mark) 
       URL of This File &ltBASE HREF="URL">  (must be in header)   
N2.0   Base Window Name &ltBASE TARGET="***">(must be in header)
       Relationship     &ltLINK REV="***" REL="***" HREF="URL">  (in header)
       Meta Information &ltMETA>             (must be in header)
       Style Sheets     &ltSTYLE></STYLE>    (not widely supported yet)
       Scripts          &ltSCRIPT></SCRIPT>  (not widely supported yet)

Copyright (c) 1995, 1996 Kevin Werbach.  Noncommercial redistribution is
permitted.  This Guide is not a product of Bare Bones Software.  Contact the 
author for more information.
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