IBEX Telephones 741 & 746

Ibex Push Button Telephones 741 and 746

The Ibex Telephones company was the last company in Britain to manufacture 700-type telephones, supplying 741 and 746 dial telephones to large private users (public utilities and the like) long after companies like GPT had stopped producing them. During the 1980s the firm needed to modernise its products for push button dialling and rather than producing new-design telephones of the Statesman type, it decided to develop keypads that would fit existing telephone case mouldings with circular dial apertures. All internal components of the telephones shown here are marked IBX 81, although both the wall telephones have bought-in STC transmitters and GEC 4T inserts.

Manufactured by:
Ibex Telephones, Herga Road, Wembley, Middx..

For wall telephone: Two-tone grey, with white buttons and palle grey escutcheon. Ivory, with white buttons and ivory escutcheon.

For desk telephone: Two-tone grey and vacuum-plated 'gold' look, both with white buttons and black escutcheons.

Historical note:
It is worth noting that Ibex Telephones & Telecommunications Ltd. has a history going back at least to the 1920s, making telephones for the British and Irish Post Office telephone administrations. Its colourful proprietor, Solly Steinbock died in late 2002 (the name is a play on words as Steinbock is the German word for ibex, the mountain goat).

Telephone 746 in gold Base of Telephone 746
Telephone 741 in grey Telephone 741 in ivory
Telephone 741 looking at rear of press button dial unit.

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Last revised January 30, 2021