Model: 9859

Colours: Light Grey and Black

The Discovery is a sophisticated Calling Line Identity telephone.

Also available as a Headset Package.

Personal Directory

Allows you to store up to 140 numbers and names. You can recall a name from the directory by an alpha search and then dial the number at the touch of a button. When anyone whose number is stored in this directory calls you, their name will show on the screen.

Direct Access Memories

The ability to store a further 20 numbers and names in ten one-and-two-touch stores. By a single or double press of a memory button you can recall a number and initiate dialling that number, in handsfree mode, if you wish.

Calls Directory

This is a function of the CLI system. Your telephone will store details of the last 30 calls made to you. It will show:

  • the number of the caller.
  • the name of the caller (if that number is programmed in your personal directory or in the direct access memories).
  • the date and time when the call was received and whether or not you answered the call
  • Dual standard message waiting
  • 140 name and number personal directory
  • 20 direct access memories

  • Stores details of the last 30 calls received
  • Stores details of the last 5 calls made with redial option
  • Full handsfree working
  • Headset Port
  • Mute
  • Supplied with both BT and RJ45 line cords
  • Ringer indicator light
  • Ringer volume and pitch adjustment
  • Locking mute with LED indicator
  • Recall button
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • ELR/TBR switchable
  • Available in light grey & black

All memories on the Discovery are non-volatile, this means if power is lost or the telephone is removed from the line, ALL of the memories will be retained indefinitely.

CLI services are not normally available on PABX systems however various new voice and data switches pass CLI therefore the Discovery is an ideal terminal for such systems.

Taken from Interquartz marketing material


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Last revised: October 26, 2021