Booth No. 7A (Oakham)

Introduced in 1980 this was an attempt to cut down vandalism on the countries telephone kiosks.

Similar in design to the open booths in the USA these were nicknamed Oakhams due to it's shape that resembles an Oak Ham tin.

Open to the elements you would not be using this telephone for any long period of time.

The Booth below was located outside the Penmaenmawr, Conwy, Wales.


Street Talk 6 (ST6)
Introduced in 2007, this was a partnership JC Decaux.  The booth is called the 'Street Talk 6' and has a payphone on one side and six scrolling adverts on the back.

These were supposed to offset the falling kiosk revenue stream.

Payphone side


Scrolling advert side


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Last revised: February 15, 2021