Kiosk Competition

In 1924 a competition to design a new kiosk was organised by the Royal Fine Arts Commission who asked the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to nominate three eminent architects to tender some further designs.  The architects chosen were Sir Robert Lorimer, Sir John Burnet, and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott along with submissions from the Post Office and the Birmingham Civic Society.

Five models were placed on view behind the National Gallery and selection was made by the Fine Arts Commission.  The winner was a design by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1880 to 1960) and, after a slight modification to the door and change of material from mild steel to cast iron, it was adopted by the Post Office and designated the Kiosk No. 2, or K2 for short.

The winner

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott R.A.


The other competitors designs

Design by Sir John Burnet Design by Sir Robert Mortimer
Design by the Birmingham Civic Society
Design by the Metropolitan
Boroughs Joint Standing Committee


The pictures below also show Kiosk designs around the same time as above
Most appear to based on mausoleums!




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