In the UK, before the introduction of the standard GPO Telephone Kiosk, there were numerous local styles of kiosks including those from private companies such as the National Telephone Company (NTC).  Most of the local styles were replaced after 1936 by the Kiosk No. 6.

Click here for the 1923 kiosk competition

Nottingham (1900) Rustic style in Folkestone (1908)
Norwich Style
(Installed in the East Coast districts)
Wilson A
Birmingham style GPO K1 Kiosk
John Burnet
(1923 competition entry)
Robert Lorimer
(1923 competition entry)
Birmingham Civic Society
(1923 competition entry)
Metropolitan Boroughs Joint
Standing Committee
(1923 competition entry)
GPO K2 Kiosk (Giles Gilbert Scott)
(1923 competition entry winner)
GPO K3 Kiosk
Rustic style in Eastbourne NTC Cast Iron Kiosk
Holborn, London (1900)
Wilson C (1905) NTC in Scotland (1908)
Kiosk at Pittencrieff Glen, Dunfermline (1938)  


NTC Kiosk on Railway Station (1905)


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