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Kiosks were normally assembled at the manufacturers and delivered to GPO depots fully built.  There are different versions of the same Kiosk, depending where the door is fitted (front, left or right).

The Kiosk is first collected from the depot by use of a kiosk trailer.  3 different types of trailer are shown, because these were updated through the years as technology changed.  Note that the first two are winched by hand and the last one has a hydraulic ram.

The kiosk is installed at a pre-determined location and bedded in with concrete.  The man is finishing off the floor.  The internals are generally fitted once the kiosk has been fully installed, but in this instance, it has arrived on site fully fitted out, probably by the fitters at the depot.

After a few years the colour red, begins to fade through exposure to sunlight and therefore kiosks have to be repainted on a regular basis.  It was good practice to finish off a kiosk with a clear coat of varnish.


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Last revised: February 10, 2021