This booth can be supplied with or without a door, depending on requirements. The fully enclosed version is used on sites where complete weather and acoustic protection is needed. The sides of the booth are slightly raised above ground level to prevent litter accumulation. The door has a light action and a large handle for easy opening and is wide enough to allow wheelchair access. The full length open booth is designed for use on quieter sites but still affords good weather protection and ease of access for the disabled. The KX 100 series booths can be used on single sites or suited back to back or side by side.

Height 2192, Width 890, Depth 890.
(All measurements in mm).


KX100 Kiosk with the pan Piper logo.

Dimensions as above.

Similar to KX100 but of a later design.  More visible in the street and has better internal lighting, with an internal notice area that is backlit.

Introduced in 1996.

Height, 2495, Width 900, Depth 900
(all measurements in mm)

Weight 380kg

This design is provided as a single or double pedestal version. If s a simple, modern booth suitable for location in most street sites but can also be positioned indoors where acoustic protection is needed.
Both housings offer ease of access for the disabled and they can be used in single sites or suited side by side or back to back.

Single Pedestal Booth - Height 2172, Width 836, Depth 640.
Double Pedestal Booth - Height 2172, Width 836, Depth 1130.
(All measurements in mm).

KX 300
The triangular design of this booth ensures good acoustic and weather protection. It enables maximum use of available floor space and gives good siting flexibility. There are two options provided, one with two glass sides, the other with one glass side and one fabricated side with acoustic panels and fittings for directory holders.
Again both housings offer slightly raised sides to prevent litter accumulation.

Height 2195, Width 1190, Depth 1030, (All measurements in mm).


KX410 & 420
These booths have been created specifically for use in sites with little available floor space or sites which are prone to vandalism. As such, there is no space for directories or customer instructions.

KX 410 - Height 1500 (above ground level), Width 570, Depth 373 - suitable for surface mounting.

KX 420 -Height 1545 (above ground level), Width 690, Depth 450 - this booth cannot be surface mounted.
(All measurements in mm)

Taken from BT sales literature

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