LABEL No. 540

Post Office
New Product Bulletin
Issue No. 6/78


A self-adhesive enlarged numeral dial ring (SADR) has been designed and is currently under production. This is for customers who have difficulty in identifying the numbers on a standard dial because of restricted eyesight.

Four self-adhesive pads on the back of the SADR enable customers to fit the ring themselves to heir telephone. Self-fixing eliminates the cost of an engineering visit which is necessary with the (non-adhesive) enlarged numeral dial ring (ENDR) (TI B4 N10076 refers)

The SADR, designated - Label 540A, will initially be available in addition to the existing ENDR.  It will be held exclusively in Sales Divisions and should be sent to customers through the post or handed over at Sales Bureaux. Full fitting instructions, in large print, are included with each ring. The rings will he ordered via section stocks in Engineering Divisions on written request  from Sales Divisions.

The SADR fits all the 700 series dial telephones except Trimphone and weather proof telephone. It is not suitable for Classic, Mickey Mouse, Compact, LST 4 or separately provided dial units or press button telephones.

The tariff for the SADR will be a non-recurring , single payment, charge of .4Op to be raised through standard Keyform 14 procedure (see TI B1 B0005) and will appear on the customer’s telephone account under the heading ‘repairs & replacements’.

The SADR is already listed in TI B5 D004 (Sales Handbook). We expect deliveries from the manufacturer during August/September and the SADR should be available nationally soon after.

For an actual size drawing of the SADR see TI B4 M0076

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Last revised: February 18, 2021