Links to other telephone related sites

Telecom Heritage group
Telephone collectors club - loads of general telephony information
Good for links to other sites.

British Telecom Archives
BT's archive department

Vintage Telephone Systems (US)
Mainly US telephone electromechanical exchanges with some UK
A good source of different types

Peter Walker's Phone Pages
This site has some great photo's of phones!

Cyber Telephone Museum (US)
American telephone site

Fred's Old Page
French site with loads of info

The Strowger Telecoms Page
More sounds and some theory! (wot)

Paul's Telephone Pages
Nicely restored Ericsson telephones
and much, much more

Neil Carpenters Pages
Did I say more telephones!

Philips PRX 205 Exchange
Common controlled Reed Switch exchange

The Dutch Online Telephone Museum
Telephones from the land of the windmill

OLD TELEPHONES: How to repair and rebuild them
Downloadable PDF file describing restoration
and repair of all telephones

Mobile Phones
Richard Barkers site on Mobile Phone Technology


Australian Telephone Collectors
Australian Telephone Collectors Society

The Telephone Museum
Milton Keynes Telephone Museum

Phone Card Collectors site
Great site for phone card collectors

UAX - Telephone Exchanges
A great site by Andy Greening - also includes
documents on exchange equipment.

Milonic Solutions Ltd
If you liked the floating menu on my site
The link above takes you to the developers site

Mikes Telephones
Lots more telephones with some of the little bits
that are missed on some sites

Post Office Vehicle Club
Post Office Vehicles, books and other information

Amberley Museum
They have a 'Connected Earth' exhibition hall sponsored
by BT and a Rural Strowger exchange

South African Collectors Site
Blog web site

Vienna Telephone Museum
Numerous old telephones on this site
and Ericsson telephones

Sam Hallas's site
Great site, which has loads of diagrams
and information on railway telephones



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