PXML No. 87
APPROVAL No. NS/2706/3/H/452571

User Guide

Programming Guide

Exchange lines and extns are 1 per card.

System configuration is a maximum of 16 ports which can be a combination of trunks (max 8) and extns (max 16).

MF & LD.

System is very similar to the London 12.

A version with Hotel software was available and both office and hotel versions could support a range of operators consoles.

London 16 was the same as London 32 programming and not London 8 (although a lot of the codes are similar!) as the London 8 did not support a console.

There was also a version of software which allowed codes beginning with '0' to be classified as 'local' for call barring purposes.

There was also a version (Mark 3) with 'least cost routing' software.

Also sold by Telephone Rentals as Enterprise 16.


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Last revised: December 21, 2010