The LST 12A, sales name Easikom, is a press-button loudspeaking telephone offering only basic facilities i.e. last number redial and microphone mute when in the loudspeaking mode.  The telephone may be used as a table top instrument or wall mounted without the need for additional brackets or modifications.  Three AA size batteries are supplied with the telephone and should be fitted at all times as they assist to power the keypad and repeat last number facility, without them wrong number problems may occur.

LST 12A's were originally supplied without the Transformer 17C which needed to be ordered separately when required.  Later units, marked LST 12A/1, were supplied complete with transformer.

When the telephone is used on average length lines the switch at the rear of the telephone can be set to "TEL LINE" and all facilities will be provided without the use of the transformer.  When used on long lines or the extension of a modern call connect system with constant current transmission feeds the Transformer 17C may be required.  In these cases the switch should be set to "AC Adapter" and the transformer connected to the socket provided.  This improves both the transmission and the MF4 signalling capability of the telephone.

Made by Panasonic Limited

The LST 12A is now supplied to customers on rental terms only.

Approval Number S/1000/3/D/021 821
Approved as supplied for connection to the BT telephone system.
Early versions of the LST 12A (below serial No 02101) are only approved for 10pps use.  Later models are approved for both 10 pps and MF4 use.

A 240 Volt, 13 Amp, 50 Hertz supply is required when using the Transformer 17C.

The LST 12A is suitable for use on Phone Socket installations on DELs or PBXs with 10 pps pulsing or MF4 signalling and Earth loop recall facility (when supplied the telephone is set for l0 pps use.  To convert to MF4 signalling open the telephone case and operate the slide switch accessed via the slot in the centre of the keypad PCB).

The Easikom l has a REN of 1.5

The customer must replace the batteries when the LED above the ON/OFF switch flashes when making or answering calls.

Superseded by React 320


DESCRIPTION                                   	BT ITEM CODE
Loudspeaking Telephone 12A Stone                870080
(without transformer)
Transformer 17C                                 870079
Loudspeaking Telephone 12A/1 Stone              870235
(complete with transformer)

User Guide

Handset calls
If you want to use Easikom as a normal telephone, just lift the handset, dial the number you want and carry on as usual. Similarly, to answer an incoming call, just pick up the handset.

Handsfree calls
If you wish you can make and receive calls without using the handset at all.  To call out, press the 'ON/OFF' button.  When the light comes on, dial the number you want.  When your call is answered speak clearly towards the microphone. To end the call, press the 'ON/OFF' button. The light will go out.

To answer an incoming call, just press the 'ON/OFF' button and speak when the light comes on. To end the call, press the 'ON/OFF' button. The light will go out. During calls, adjust the loudspeaker volume control as necessary.

Changing from handset to handsfree
Press the 'ON/OFF' button.  When the light comes on, replace the receiver and continue your conversation.

Changing from handsfree to handset
Lift the receiver.
The 'ON/OFF' light will go out.  Speak into the handset as usual.

Note - If you have pressed the 'S' button, this is automatically cancelled and the light goes out as the handset is raised.

The 'S' button (Microphone Mute)
Press the 'S' button once.  The light will come on, indicating that the microphone is disconnected and your caller cannot hear you. The microphone will be reactivated when you press the 'S' button again.  The light will go out.

Last Number Redial
Easikom automatically remembers the last number you dialled. Lift the receiver, if you're making a handset call, or press the 'ON/OFF' button if you're making a handsfree call.  Then press 'L R'.  Easikom will then redial that last number.

The following features may only be used if Easikom is on a PABX extension.

To recall the operator Press the 'R' button.

To insert a pause Press 'PS' button. Each time you press the 'PS' button a 3 second pause is inserted.

The * and # keys - Please see your Switchboard User Guide.


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Last revised: February 26, 2021