Introduced in 1985, the LST No. 13A, sales name Facilityphone 300, is a press button electronic table top telephone offering numerous facilities which include:-
  • Hands free loudspeaking telephony.
  • 40 short code dial stores (Up to 16 digits, including pauses can be stored in any memory location. Press * to enter timed pause). *
  • Last number redial when connected to a DEL.
  • LCD digital display for clock, call timing and called number information.
  • Customer switchable recall - Earth Loop or Timed Break.
  • Customer switchable signalling. l0 pps or MF4.
  • Customer switchable ringer volume - High or Low.
  • Reset clears all memory stores if pressed for 5 seconds.
  • Mixed signalling. Will change from 10 pps to MF4 by pressing * or # during an out going call.
  • Microphone Mute on both handset and LST facility.
  • Low Battery display - Time Clock pulses when batteries require changing. *

NOTE - The items above marked with a * had technical problems and the facilities did not always work as intended.

The telephone contains four primary batteries capable of retaining the memory store and operating the time clock and electronic dialler for up to one year. The normal telephone circuit (handset) is line powered and the loudspeaking facility and `bell tinkle' circuits are powered direct from the mains plug transformer.

Made by Answercall Ltd

This LST is no longer available, withdrawn from the BT Product Supply portfolio in October 1986 due to technical problems.
The LST No. 13A has now been superseded by the new LST 14, Prelude.

Approval Number 5/1000/3/E/500074
Approved as supplied for connection to the BT telephone system.
Not approved for connection to WB 900.

A 240 volts, 13 Amp, 50 Hertz Supply is required for the Plug Top Transformer.  This transformer is rated at 12v dc, 350ma.

The LST 13A is suitable for use on Phone Socket installations on DELs and most types of PBX/CCS two wire extensions. Not suitable for use on "C" wire PMBX's or WB 900.

The LST 13A has a REN of 1.5.

A quantity of LST 13A's (Facilityphone 200) was frozen in BT central depots for maintenance use. Since the withdrawal of the LST 13A from the BT Product Supply portfolio in October 1986 all faulty LST 13A's should have been replaced with an LST 11A when faulty.

There are 4 Alkaline AA sized batteries needed for this telephone, which should be replaced when the time clock display pulses on and off.

When changing the batteries the user should disconnect both the 12 volt supply and telephone line cord before opening the battery compartment. They should not remove all 4 batteries at once, but change 2 end to end batteries at a time to prevent loss of memory store.


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