APPROVAL No. NS/3343/3/J/453264

Made by GEC this system is a 2+6 using dedicated key terminals.  System is supplied LD, but can be fitted with an optional MF daughter board.


The GPT Masterline 206 keysystem brings the benefits of advanced technology to office communications, by providing a wide range of facilities with ease of use.

Designed for the small business, this new; low-cost system is the smallest in the GPT Masterline range of keysystems.

It consists of a central control unit with two trunk lines and up to six extension keyphones.

With its versatility, flexibility and attractive styling, the GPT Masterline 206 is the ideal communications system for small professional organisations such as solicitors, estate agents and doctors.

With the 206 system you gain all the features, convenience and major benefits of a modem 'state of the art' keysystem.


  • Conferencing. Up to three terminals can be connected by intercom.
  • On-hook dialling. Calls can be initiated without lifting the handset.
  • Paging. The integral paging system enables staff to be located quickly.
  • Power-fail operation. Each outside line is routed to a conventional telephone providing direct connection to the public switched telephone network.
  • Exchange line signalling. Loop disconnect (pulse) signalling is the normal mode of call set up over exchange lines. However, multifrequency (DTMF) signalling can be made available through an add on unit which then provides the choice of either DTMF or mixed signalling over the lines.
  • Call privacy. Extensions are prevented from breaking into existing conversations.
  • Intercom calling. A keystation can signal an intercom call by either a ringing tone or an alerting tone followed by a voice announcement.
  • Door box (optional). One or two door box units can be connected. Each can initiate a unique audible signal at designated keyphones and their built-in speaker and microphone.
    are then used for two-way conversation with the answering keyphone.
  • Abbreviated dialling. 60 numbers (50 common + 10 individual numbers.
    for each station) can be dialled using a 2-digit access code.
  • Last number redial.
  • Route restriction. Individual stations can be programmed to have one of the following categories of PSTN access:-
    - Unrestricted.
    - Access to local calls only.
    - Fully barred.
  • Music on hold (optional)

Other Masterline Systems
Masterline 816-8 trunks and 16 extensions.
Masterline 1236 - 12 trunks and 36 extensions.
Masterline 2464-24 trunks and 36 extensions.

Exchange lines - Up to 2
Intercom line - 1
Extension telephones - up to 6 stations
Door Box - up to 2 sets
Distribution cable - twisted 2 pairs
Power Fail instruments - up to 2 conventional telephones

Width 250mm, Length 350mm, Height 50mm.
Weight 2.7kg

Taken from the GPT Brochure BR1007/a (Dated 1990)


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Last revised: November 05, 2021