MDS OPERA 206 & 308

Approval Numbers are:-
Opera 206 - S/3688/3/M/502168
Opera 308 - S/3688/3/M/502167

The MDS Opera is a micro processor based system for use with Home/Small business.

It has no provision for System phones and POTS are the only telephones required.

The 206 can handle 2 analogue exchange lines and 6 extensions.

The 308 can handle 3 analogue exchange lines and 8 extensions.

MF & LD Line Signalling.

Advanced feature include:-

  •  Exchange Line Call/Hold/Enquiry/Toggle/Transfer

  •  Incoming Call Grouping

  •  Night/Day Service

  •  Courtesy Tone on Hold

  •  Outgoing Call Grouping

  •  Call Pickup

  •  DND

  •  Call Forward

  •  Exchange Ringback with Alert Tone

  •  Internal Ringback with Alert Tone

  •  Baby Phone/Room Monitoring

  •  Trunk/PABX Operation

  •  Printer Port (2+6 and 3+8 Only)

All extensions require Master Sockets and single pair cabling.

Telco Provider lines are connected using pins 2 + 5 from premise master socket.

System will require wiring box e.g. 201/251/301A Box Connection for installation.

Always connect the exchange before powering the system up.

Click here for Extension User Guide

Click here for Installation & Maintenance Guide

Addendum to the Installation and Maintenance Guide
Page 8, "Installing the printer" - The wiring diagram should be as follows:-

Printer     Opera


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Last revised: December 21, 2010