Mechanism No. 14

Mechanism No. 14 is an A and B mechanism that superseded the Mechanism No. 13.  The main difference being the way the mechanism connected to the main casing.  In this case the large bullet shaped brass connectors of the No. 13 have been replaced by a small connector plug (shown lower right).

Mechanism No. 14D was introduced when the UK converted to decimal currency.

A Mechanism called the Mechanism No. 18 was introduced in certain areas, specifically modified to deal with American and Canadian one cent coins.

E.I. Telephones, Call Offices D5501 - Spare parts available to CCB Maintenance Centre Staff and other Maintenance Staff
E.I. Telephones, Call Offices D5502 - Spare parts available to CCB Maintenance Centre Staff only.

Front view of the mechanism.
The smaller connector plate is the the lower right
Top view showing the coin runways.  The bell is a transmitter and the gong would sound when shillings were inserted.
The transmitter would indicate when copper coins were inserted and the operator would hear the sound injected onto the line, whilst the gong would be heard via the mouthpiece of the telephone.
Mechanism No.14 with parts named


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Last revised: May 31, 2023