Automatica Electrica Portuguesa (AEP)

Automatica Electrica Portuguesa was established in 1950/51.  The new company was owned by the UK company ATM.  The local company gave ATM access to the country's markets under favourable conditions.  Even if it would take many years to recoup the investment, the cost was fairly small and was helped by the Portuguese government.

The Strowger-based technology that ATM was selling the company was by now fairly old, but well refined, durable and cheap.  It was just what many countries needed at this time.  This gave ATM a useful cash flow to help develop into newer technologies like Crossbar telephone exchanges.

As well as the 332 telephone, AEP also sold the Aptofone (ATM Strowgerphone) and the Telephone 7P (706 telephone), including one version with an integral hand generator (100M).

Please note that the number on AEP diagrams is just a diagram number and not a telephone model number.  The diagram numbers generally start with L53 and are 6 digits long, the same as ATM diagram numbering.

332 Telephone
Aptofone - AKA Strowgerphone

These pages do not give an all round representation of AEP telephones and equipment but are included as the equipment was made or licensed by ATM.

Picture contributions by Filipe De Menezes.


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Last revised: October 25, 2021