CAPS, LAMP - Part Numbers


CAPS, LAMP, Nos. 1, 2, 69, 70, 71 and 72
All these lamp caps have a stock description made up from two numbers and a letter.  A hyphen separates the first and second number.  The first number indicates the size or type of cap. The second number indicates the marking (if any) on the lens -see "Code No." on Drawing SD 6.  The letter indicates the colour of the lens and (when required) the colour of the marking - see Table 1.

As examples, the description of a Cap Lamp No. 1 having a green lens without an engraved marking is No. 1 -1B and that of a Cap Lamp No. 2 having a green lens engraved "J" filled white is No. 2 -5B.


Code Letter Colour of glass lens Finish of glass lens Colour of engraving filling
A Opal Polished from mould Black
B Green Matt front and back White
C Red Matt front and back White
F Amber Matt front and back White
D No Glass Lens Covered by a mask -
E Opal Polished from mould -
G Clear Polished from mould -
H Red Polished from mould -



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Last revised: February 18, 2021