Mountings, Dial No. 3

Black painted, Steel mounting

75mm External diameter of base
27mm High

55mm Internal diameter



Mountings, Dial No. 7

Black painted, Steel mounting with dial mounting at an angle

72mm External diameter of base
22mm at high point
8mm at lowest point

55mm Internal diameter



Mountings, Dial No. 16

The support for the dial is a Bakelite moulding, the special long securing-screw for the dial being accessible from the front. The metal slide has felt guides for smooth action, and Bakelite fastenings are provided on both the slide and mounting to secure the cord which connects the dial to the terminal block. This cord is similar in type to those used on switchboards, to allow great flexibility, and is connected directly between the dial and terminal block. The mounting and slide can be separated by removing the cross bar.

The dialling unit includes the following parts:-
“Cord, Instrument, 5/2911, Brown, 18 in.”
“Block, Terminal, No. 20/8, Black”

The dial would be requisitioned separately.



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Last revised: February 18, 2021