Mouthpieces No. 1

Standard for Micro-telephones.

These were replaced after 1932 by the Transmitter No. 22.


Mouthpieces No. 4

Ebonite with screwed end.

Standard for CB and LB Transmitters.


Mouthpieces No. 6

Horn Shaped with screwed end.

For Transmitters No's 5 or 5A.


Mouthpieces No. 8

For Transmitters No's 11 or 12 (ATM & Co.s automatic).


Mouthpieces No. 9

Horn shaped with plain end.

For Transmitters No's 5 (mark NT 7) or 5A.


Mouthpieces No. 10

Small mouthpiece for use with Telephone No's 89 or 114.


Mouthpieces No. 12

For use with Telephone No. 78.


Mouthpieces No. 13

Made from Porcelain.

Used with Transmitter No. 16.


Mouthpieces No. 15

Bakelite mouthpiece fitted to most 200 and 300 type bakelite telephones.

The Mouthpiece locates in three slots.  To remove - Use a drawing pin, push the pin into the hole and press hard, whilst at the same time turning the mouthpiece anticlockwise.

Used with Transmitter Inset no. 10 and 13.


Mouthpieces No. 16

Used with Transmitter No.22.

Could be fitted with Transmitter Inset no. 10 and 13.

Introduced after 1932.

Mouthpieces No. 18

Used on Telephone No's 145, 250 and Units, Telephone, PA.

Mouthpieces No. 19

Used for Transmitters No. 23.


Mouthpieces No. 21A

Plastic mouthpiece fitted to most 700 type telephones. Came in 8 colours.

To remove - unscrew in an anticlockwise direction.



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Last revised: February 05, 2017