METER No's 45A & 45B

Meters No. 45A Meters No. 45B

Meters 45A and 45B are Subscribers Private Metering Units designed for use at customers premises.
The Meter 45A, sales name Atholl, is a free standing unit designed to the Ambassador telephone outline, whilst the Meter 45B, sales name Radnor, has a plinth style case that may be fitted beneath a 700 or 8700 style instrument.
Both models have the same circuitry and controls and rely on exchange generated 50 Hz metering pulses and line current for correct operation.
Meters 45B incorporate a Liquid Crystal display to indicate metered units which may be switched to show total metered units or metered units over a given period (resettable). The display may also be set to show the cost of calls. The cost per metered unit is adjustable by the customer.

The buttons on the front of the Meter 45B function as follows:
1. Press reset button to decrease price of metered unit.
2. Pressing reset button will reset display to zero (when switched to trip).
3. Pressing reset button will have no effect.
The key switch should be left in position 2 or 3 in normal use.
The display will only show complete pounds when switched to "Total" and will show pound and pence when switched to "Trip".

Made for BT by Pye Ltd

Meters 45 were only supplied on rental terms.

Meters 45A were supplied without line cords and used on Phone Socket installations by fitting a Cord Connection 4/500 3000 mm or hard wired by fitting a Cord Connection 4/502 3000 mm.

The Meter 45 contains a line charged battery, this constantly draws less than 3 ma from line when the line is not in use. The battery charging circuit will switch off if the line voltage is disturbed and will reset approximately 30 seconds after restoration of correct line conditions.

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Last revised: December 14, 2010