APPROVAL No. S/2334/3/G/500407

The MX5 was made by STC and is also known under other names (LYNX MX5 and VISION 1000).
It has a maximum configuration of 1+5 and the line on earlier models was hardwired into a master LJU (this required a PCI from the Network provider).

The later versions came with complete with a line cord with a Plug No. 631 on the end.

The case is secured by two push-in clips on the bottom edge of the cover.

Maximum cabling length is 200 metres.

Extension 1 cannot be set to Do Not Disturb or Call Barred.

Extensions use 2 wires and are connected to the TSB terminal block.

The extension ports are all LD working and should be terminated on master sockets with locking bars.

Extension REN = 2.
Exchange Line REN = 4.

Call barring is set up by the appropriate setting of switch S214 which is located near the lower edge of the unit adjacent to the terminal block.

Extension to be barred Switch to be made (On)
2 S214-1
3 S214-2
4 S214-3
5 S214-4

Click here for the MX5 User Guide

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Last revised: September 25, 2021