Magneto Table Sets

Pattern No. B34

Comprises - Hand Combination Transmitter and Receiver, Cord, Automatic Switch (Double Hook), Induction Coil, Lightning Arrester, 3 Magnet Generator, Bell, Wall Rosette and Cord.

This is a neat and very useful instrument; being of converted type and the Company having a large stock, it is able to offer the sets at a very low price.

Taken from the 1903 Catalogue.

Sometimes nicknamed "Sabrina" and made of walnut wood.

This set was used heavily by the NTC company and was produced by the Western Electric Company in the UK and the Bell Manufacturing Company in Belgium.

A similar set with a fixed transmitter was also produced around 1900 and many of these were used in South Africa.  They were made by the Swiss firm, Halser, under licence from the Bell Manufacturing Company of Belgium.

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Last revised: October 14, 2020