Magneto Potable Sets

Pattern No. B37

Comprises - Telescoping Hand Combination Transmitter and Receiver, Cord, Induction Coil, Magneto Generator, Bell and Battery.

This set has been designed for purposes where a Telephone is required for temporary use only and has to be constantly moved from place to place, as for instance, when used by a lineman and for military, railway, and other occasional purposes.  A Telescoping form of Hand Micro-Telephone and a small pattern Magneto Generating Apparatus are employed. thus rendering the set exceedingly compact and portable.  The whole is contained in a wooden box enclosed in a strong outer leather case with shoulder strap and is particularly neat and light.  It has been found from experience that this is in every way the most suitable instrument for shooting ranges.

Taken from the 1903 Catalogue.

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Last revised: July 06, 2020