B44 & B45

Battery Wall Sets

Pattern No. B42 & B45

Both comprise - Granular Carbon Transmitter mounted in Nickel-plated fittings,
Automatic Switch-hook, Induction Coil, Bell, and Push Button.

Pattern No. B44 (illustrated to the right) is fitted with a Double Pole Spoon Receiver, and Cord.
Pattern No. B45 is fitted with an ordinary Double Pole Receiver and Cord.

These two very neat complete Telephone sets, calling- in connection with which is done by means or a battery, are similar except that the one is fitted for and with a Spoon Receiver and the other for, and with a Double Pole Receiver.

The former is a slightly lighter receiver than the latter, but both are equally effective for the purpose for which they are required.

Taken from the 1903 Catalogue.

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Last revised: July 07, 2020