APPROVAL No. NS/1143/3/G/600519

Analogue Keysystem, made by Siemens (distributed in the UK by Norton Telecoms) with an ultimate capacity of 8+24. NTX 10 keysets (Masterset 113 or Saturn 200), the brown keyphone above, were originally supplied but these were soon replaced by Keysets 1,2 & 3.
The system comprised of a Control board at the front of the unit and had three peripheral card slots located behind it. The first has to be a 4+8 card, whilst the second could be a 0+8 or a 4+8. The third slot can only support a 0+8 card. The MDF is self contained within the system case and the system can be programmed by the use of a Keyset 3 or by a keyset that is fitted adjacent to the system, as an LCD display shows through a window in the system cover.

The first extension port also appears on an Australian style plug that is fitted behind and at the bottom of the chassis.

The Keyset 1 has 8 configurable buttons whilst the Keyset 2 had 16 buttons. Keyset 3 is similar to the Keyset 2 except it also has a display.

The system is programmable for MF & LD lines and has integral music on hold (the tunes were diabolical). Simple call logging could be obtained with the additional V24 card which was fitted to the control board.

POTS could only be used if a TWIM card is fitted on an extension card.

Line Jack Wiring

MDF Connection Wire Colour LJU -/3A Connection
A BLUE/white 2
B WHITE/blue 5
C ORANGE/white 3
D WHITE/orange 4

This system is now obsolescent having been superseded by the Hicom 100 range of telephone systems.

Designed in Australia and sometimes called the Commander there.

See also NTX6 & 8

Programming guide - Not available on the web - CD only

Programming information


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Last revised: September 25, 2021