PXML No. 48

The OCS 300 is a Stored Program Controlled (SPC) PABX employing digital switching and transmission techniques. They are based on a modular construction of a maximum of 7 shelves, mounted one above the other (each shelf is 27cm high, 100cm wide & 50cm deep). The main memory is UV EPROM and Lithium battery backed RAM.

The operators console (if provided) consists of a special telephone (modified Kirk set with keys in calculator order) with light emitting diodes (LED) display and additional Control Keys. The maximum capacity (352 ports) is 279 extensions, 3 operator consoles and 40 trunks (exchange lines, Inter PBX and DDI lines).

System programming was done was another modified Kirk telephone.

Made and distributed by ICL (UK) Ltd PABX Business Unit.

The price of a 12+98 system supplied by STC in 1984 was £21,409


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Last revised: November 05, 2022