PABX No. 3 Racks

The GPO were not allowed to install any large PABX installation, so this was left to approved PABX suppliers.  The GPO/BT however, had to maintain the equipment once installed and connected to the Network.

PABX 3 systems were installed by Ericsson/Plessey, GEC, TMC & STC.

Click here for Plessey PABX No. 3

Click here for GEC PABX No. 3

The pictures below are of typical racks and there are subtle differences between manufacturers.

Power Equipment - Plessey


Typical Equipment 100 Line Unit (2000 type) - Plessey
Typical Group Selector Rack - ATE
1st Group, 2nd Group and I/C & Enquiry selectors can be fitted to this rack
Typical Relay Set Rack (RSR) Type D - ATE
Typical Relay Set Rack (RSR) Type C - ATE

Typical Relay Set Rack (RSR) Type B - ATE

Typical Relay Set Rack (RSR) Type A - ATE
1st Selector rack
1st Selector rack
Line Finder and Final Selectors
RSR Rack
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Last revised: October 14, 2020