Police Boxes / Kiosks were provided and maintained by the local constabulary.  They were fitted out with telephone equipment by the GPO under a rental agreement.

The kiosks came in various styles, depending on where they were purchased from.  Construction was generally of wood, concrete or cast iron.  Kiosks could be ornate in style of just look like a shed.

A kiosk was effectively an office for the local Policemen and it also provided communication to the main Police Station for the Police and the Public alike.

The same equipment would have been used in both kiosks and pillars.  The equipment changed depending on the scheme in use at the time, the schemes being PA101, PA150, PA350 and PA450 (see Police menu page for the schemes).

With the early PA schemes a cast iron door was fitted in the public facing wall.  The same PA100 telephone unit that fitted in the head of a Police Pillar No. 1 would be fitted behind the grill in the cast iron door.  The Public would open the telephone door and speak into the grill.

Inside the kiosk the PA telephone unit would have a metal cover that left the Police phone exposed.

A press button switch was also fitted inside the kiosk so the Police could test the light in the lantern on the roof.

With the later PA350 and PA450 schemes a single telephone was used and the PA100 telephone unit was dispensed with.  The cast iron door would have the grill removed and a plate fitted that supported the telephone.  The telephone was boxed in with a lockable door at the back to allow the Police to use the telephone as well.

Fitted adjacent to the telephone was a Unit, Signalling, P.A. No. 2, which controlled the light in the lantern on the kiosk roof.  A test switch for this light was also fitted.

The lantern lenses were only Amber or Clear (Metropolitan Police Only).  Only Dr Who uses a blue coloured lens!

Click here for a typical arrangements in a Police Kiosk on the PA350 (Drawing PA 364).

Click here for a typical arrangements in a Police Kiosk on the PA450 (Drawing EC2072).

Click here for Police Kiosk pictures from around the UK


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Last revised: December 01, 2022