PANASONIC KXT 308, 616, 1232

APPROVAL No. NS/1010/3/K/501332 (308), NS/1010/3/K/501449 (616) & NS/1010/3/K/501451 (1232)

The KXT 308 is a 3 line plus 8 extension analogue hybrid system whilst the KXT 616 is 6 lines and 16 extensions. Both need at least one featurephone, the KXT 7130E for programming purposes.
The system supports LCR, door intercom/opener, call hold and transfer, flexible incoming ring on extensions, call barring,100 number speed dial, paging, intercom.

Display phone need 4 wires to each socket whilst 2 wires are needed for basic POT extensions.

Y2K compliant.

KXT1232 shown right is a 12 line plus 32 extension system.

KXT-TA624 is a 6 line and 24 extension system.

LJU Wiring (KXT 308/616)

LJU 2/3A Wire colour
2 Red
3 Black
4 Yellow
5 Green

Extensions and lines are terminated at the system end on RJ11 plugs, which should be supplied with the system.


APPROVAL No. S/1010/3/J/501332

The Panasonic KX-T30810BE-2 is a stored program control (SPC) analogue key telephone system utilising Microprocessor control techniques. it comprises a unit incorporating a 240 volt power supply and uses three types of proprietary telephone instrument.

All power requirements are provided from the AC mains.  Visual indication of call arrival and status is given by LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), at each telephone instrument.  Interconnection between the main unit and the extension telephone is by way of an external distribution frame (MDF), via the terminal block using 2 pair cable.

A power-fail enables one or more standard telephones to be connected to the system.  In the event of a mains power -failure the system automatically switches to basic facilities enabling users to make and receive PSTN calls only.

The apparatus must be connected to the PSTN by the connection of the incoming PTO cables to the Test Jack Frame (TJF) which is separately mounted from the main unit.

To default the system

Set the programming switch to PROGRAM and from extn 21 enter 99, then press the NEXT ( button, then press MEMORY (auto.memory) and then the END (hold) button.  Afterwards return the program switch to SET.


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Last revised: January 30, 2021