PART 1/SCO/1 and COVER No. 71A

Both these items are bell set covers.  Part No. 1/SCO/1 was used initially (early 1930's) on Bellsets 25, 26, 31, 37 etc.  The Cover No. 71A (circa 1975) was a modern replacement for the 1/SCO/1.

Part No. 1/SCO/1 was produced in four colours, the black being produced in Phenolic Resin, Type GX (Specs BS771 & S116) and red, green and ivory in Diakon, Grade L.A. (Spec S116).

Cover No. 71A Colour and made of Toughened Polystyrene Type 1 (Specs BS3126 & S116).  This was produced in grey, black and ivory.


Part 1/SCO/1


Cover No. 73A


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Last revised: March 03, 2021