Rectifier No. 160 & 164

Rectifier No. 160 Rectifier No. 164

The Rectifier No. 160/164 is of the switch mode type and operates from a 240V, 50 Hz single phase AC supply to give a nominal 28 Amp DC output. It has a minimum efficiency of 85% and a power factor greater than 0.9 (Rectifier No. 164 only 0.65) when both are measured at full load. The Rectifier No. 160 has a sine wave input current correction circuit and has been specifically designed to operate with a standby generator.

The Rectifier No. 164 is not suitable for connection to small generator sets or UPSs with outputs under 5kVA or to larger sets where the total rectifier load would be greater than 30% of the generators output.

Inputs and outputs are mounted on the front face of the rectifier using plug and socket arrangements (the 164 has cable AC input), the DC side using an ITT Cannon Golden D type (with the male connection mounted on the rectifier) for both power and alarm connections. Also mounted on the front face of the rectifier are 3 alarm indication LEDs, monitoring output, input and current limit conditions.

The rectifier has 2 preset voltage ranges, 52.5 - 53V commonly known as the narrow volt range or 54.75 - 55.25 known as the wide volt range. Its output voltage is selected externally to the rectifier by the use of a pair of shorting links (pins 1-2, 8-9) used in the socket of the DC plug and socket arrangement. When both links are present, the output will be within the narrow volt range and, conversely, in the wide volt range when both are absent.

Rectifier dimensions should not exceed 280mm high by 160mm wide by 495mm deep with a weight less than 14kg (12kg).

The Rectifier No. 160/164 is not intended for use as a stand alone device but is generally found as part of a power system (e.g. PS2008). The outputs of a number of units, of either the same or different manufacturers, may be parallel together to give an increase in system capacity. To enhance the security of the system a spare rectifier can be included in the system configuration.

The output voltage range is determined by the requirements of the system of which the rectifier forms part. Although power systems containing Rectifier 160/164's will usually be preset to give the correct output voltage, this should always be checked (see section on system commissioning) before connection of the switch. Reference should also be made to the section on system commissioning, before the rectifier is connected to the mains supply.

When the rectifier is connected to the mains supply, correct operation is indicated by the following LED sequence.

a. Output healthy, indicated by the green LED showing.

b. Input healthy, indicated by the amber LED showing.

c. Current limit, red LED not showing.

If the system of which the rectifier forms part has an external or extended alarm system, in addition to an alarm indication being given via the LED display, an alarm will also be extended in the event of either the input or output failing.

No routine maintenance of the Rectifier No. 160/164 is required, although it may be required on other parts of the power system (see section on system maintenance).

When a Rectifier No. 160/164 is found to be faulty i.e. not output when a normal input is present, it should be replaced. No attempt should be made on site to repair or adjust a faulty rectifier. Systems which have a spare rectifier will continue to function normally in the absence of a faulty rectifier.

Replacement is effected by switching off the AC supply to the faulty rectifier and removing the rectifier output fuse. Remove both the AC and DC connections from the rectifier. The rectifier can then be slid out of its housing.

The Rectifier No. 160 is fully interchangeable with a Rectifier No. 164.



AC Supply Healthy - No Load ON ON OFF
AC Supply Healthy - 0-100% Load ON ON OFF
AC Supply Healthy - Current Limit ON ON ON
AC Supply Healthy - Foldback ON ON ON
AC Supply Fail OFF OFF OFF
Over Temperature ON OFF OFF



PIN No.  
A1 +ve Power Output
A4 -ve Power Output
14 Relay Alarm Contact N/o
15 Relay Alarm Contact Common
16 Relay Alarm Contact N/C



INPUT Rectifier No. 164 Rectifier No. 160
Power Connection Fly lead IEC Connector (10A)
Voltage (Volts AC) 216-264 216-264
Frequency (Hz) 45-55 45-65
Max Power (Watts) 1750 1680
Max Current (Amps) 12 (peak) 7.8
Power Factor - RFI Suppressed 0.65 0.85
Voltage (Volts DC) 55 55
Max Current (Amps) 28 28
Hold-up Time (ms) 28 28
Regulation (%) for 0-100% load change +/- 0.1 +/- 0.2
Psophometric Noise less than (mV) 2 2
Current Limit (Amps) 28-30 28-30
Efficiency (%) 80 85
Environment (Degrees C) 0 - 55 0 - 55
Dissipation (Watts) 240 180


164/54/28A 48 - 58V DC F2705/X
160/54/28A 48 - 58V DC F2705/SX
160/54/50A 24 - 29V DC F2705/C


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Last revised: November 05, 2022