Mains operated answering machine with messages recoded on an internal micro cassette (MC30) which records 15 minutes per side.  Controls are located under a cover.


  • Outgoing and incoming messages of a maximum of 2 minutes.

  • Remote access (default 012).

  • Memo facility.

  • Message and memory full indictor.

  • Answers on 6 rings if no messages or 2 rings if there are previous messages.

  • Requires a PP3 Battery for backup.  Lasts 6 hours in the event of a mains failure.

  • Table or wall mountable.

Lid closed                                                                                 Lid open


On-site maintenance of the Response range is limited as the equipment contains no serviceable parts. Some routine servicing - detailed in the User Guide should be carried out by the customer, but field maintenance is restricted to checking the facility switch settings and testing the power unit output.

Several adapters used with Response instruments are marked with lower outputs than those actually measured. Approximate voltage readings (with the output open circuit) are as follows:-
Transformer 19B (marked 13.5V DC) measures 19 - 20v.
Transformer 752 (marked 9V AC) measures 11 - 12v.
Transformer 753 (marked 9.5V DC) measures 13 - 14v.

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Last revised: October 31, 2021