PXML No. 66

Made by OKI of Japan

Sold by Ferranti in the UK

A wide range of configurations are available with a choice of telephones which include display phones, handsfree phones, headset phones and simplified operating consoles giving direct station selection.

Individual systems build up to the following:

  • 308 3 lines and 8 extensions

  • 512 5 lines and 12 extensions

  • 824 8 lines and 24 extensions

  • 1648 16 lines and 48 extensions

Hardware modularity and common software provides the flexibility for system expansion as the business grows. Additional circuit cards may be fitted to increase switching capacity.

Extra telephones may also be purchased to increase the existing complement with all systems.

Modern technology introduces a number of money saving features such as the LCR option (on version 4 software) which enables your company to use alternative carriers and cable companies. This feature enables the cost conscious business to increase its efficiency and decrease the cost of calls.

Different levels of call barring may be introduced on an individual by individual basis. This prevents abuse by restricting outgoing calls to local or UK destinations on nominated extensions.

Call duration is indicated visually on display phones or by a warning tone after a pre-set time has elapsed.

On the 824 and 1648 systems, precise accounting information can be obtained relating to number and type of calls made on each extension. Information is downloaded to a standard printer or call logging system.

Standard Telephone

The Rhapsody standard telephone is easy to use and is
fully user programmable offering access to most system features including single touch and on hook dialling.

Display Telephone
Display Telephones are additionally equipped with a 2
line LCD display and will show the time, date and day, extension number, called telephone number and any one of 6 absent messages.

Handsfree Telephones
Similar to the display telephone but with the
ability to initiate and receive both intercom and external calls on handsfree. Provides handsfree answerback on intercom with voice or tone calling.  

Powerfail Telephone
This is similar in appearance to the display telephone
but will also work in powerfail situations.

Headsets on Telephones
Headset Telephone adaptors are available for use with
display telephones.

DSS Console
A DSS console may be connected to any Rhapsody telephone to provide simplified attendant operating. The console incorporates the direct station select facility and provides six additional function keys. The DSS key assignments can be readily changed and if two consoles are connected to the same key telephone system different key assignments can be applied.

System Wide Features:

  • Flexible Call restriction to local or national dialling codes at an extension

  • Centralised answering

  • Four person conference communication can include one external party

  • Total system wide privacy for all callers including privacy for all callers, including privacy for conferencing

  • Paging intercom support

  • On Hook Dialling provided at all telephones

  • 5 Hunt groups and 5 paging groups available

  • Follow me, call diversion

  • Busy lamp display

  • Camp on Trunk or busy extension

  • Call diversion

  • Abbreviated dialling

  • Call timer with warning tone

  • Call waiting indication

Rhapsody 308/512/824/1648 Socket Wiring

LJU 2/3A Wire colour MDF termination MDF/DDK on New style 308/512
2 Blue/White 2 2
3 Orange/White 4 4
4 White/Orange 3 3
5 White/Blue 1 1

DDK's are used to connect to the MDF on the newer style 308 / 512.

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Last revised: April 29, 2023