The Sapphire was Mercury compatible 1 + 5 PABX.  It could be expanded to a 2 + 8 by adding a 1 + 3 clip in module.

An FT terminal could also be fitted to this system.

A console must be fitted to the system, as it is impossible to program the system without it.  It also has key & lamp indication of line and extension status.  On a 1+5 system the console is extn 1, whilst on a 2+8 system it becomes extn 21 (extensions are numbered 1 -5 or 21 - 28).

The system could accommodate either LD or MF phones - even a mixture at the same extension.

Numbering range:

0 Do Not Disturb (on and off)
1 - 5 Extension numbers
21 - 28 Extension numbers
6 hold/transfer (or R*6 on DTMF)
76 Plus 1 - 0 = short dial numbers
77 Prime extension (when used, all external calls are answered at this phone.  If extn 1 has been set as prime extension, it cannot be overridden by any other extn)
8 Answer at a non-ringing extension
9 Outside line

The console has buttons for Prime Extension, Volume, Do Not Disturb and Monitor (on-hook dialling only - no full handsfree)

The console was available in dark grey or light grey, but the CPU was always in white.  The console was attached to the system box by a 2 metre cable with a 32 pin computer style plug.


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Last revised: November 28, 2010