PXML No. BABT/PXML/3 SCR.0025/26

The BT Septara is a key telephone system with a maximum capacity of 12 exchange lines and 32 terminals or 16 exchange lines, 48 terminals and 28 links (of which 16 are reserved for exchange lines, 9 for intercom calls and 3 for paging & background music). It consists of a wall mounted central control unit (which uses a Z80 microprocessor), box connection and power supply unit. A TX29 featurephone is available incorporating handsfree facility and LED display. Also available is a Direct Station Select console TX20 for use with the TX29; these are connected via an Extension Card lA.

A telephone TX27 may be connected to the system via an Extension Card 1A. The featurephone TX28 has been discontinued but will will be found on some early installations.

Made by BTCE Cwmcarn and Tie International, Toronto

Approved for direct connection to the PSTN loop disconnect signalling (or MF signalling using the Tone Card 1B) or by working as a (List A) subsidiary system (loop disconnect or MF signalling) connected to a (List C) PBX.

The following 9 software levels are approved for use with Septara:-

BR2002, BR2004, BR2020, HR3002, BR3003, BR3020, BR4001, BR4002 and BR4020.
BT is currently using BR3002 and BR3020.

The software is provided on 10 EPROM's on the Processor Card and are labelled U4-U11, U23 and U59.

DESCRIPTION  		 	             		BT ITEM CODE
Line Jack Unit 2/3C                          		870127
Merlin S6022 Cord Connecting 4/518 (Handset Cord)    	374939
Merlin S6022 Cord Connecting 4/517 (Line Cord)       	374940
Cabinet 30A (12+32)            		              	375141
Power Unit 199A                 	             	375142
Power Fail Unit lA              	             	375143
DSS Console TX20                	             	375145
Featurephone TX28               	             	375147
Featurephone TX29               	             	375148
Bracket 46A                     	             	375149
Tone Card lA (or 1H see note)           	     	375151
Tone Card 1B                           		      	375510
MF4 Receiver Card                     		       	375150
Extension Card lA                       	     	375152
Real Time Clock lA                                   	375153
Processor Card lA                       	     	375154
Line Card lA                                 		375155
Cabinet 31A (16+48)                          		375156
Power Unit 200A                              		375157
Cable Connection 9/D96552                           	979188
Power Fail Unit 2A                                  	375189
Extension Card 2A                           		375229
Telephone TX27                              		375231
Box Connection 370B                                 	877138

PSU -  1.25"   x 0.25"     SA time  delay 36A/5         310812
KSU(12+32) 1.25" x 0.25" 8A fast acting 36/8           	665456
KSU(16+48) 1.25" x 0.25" 15A fast acting 36/15 		665458

Line Card - 0.75 A 125V Picofuse                       	665461
Extension Card - 2.0  A 125V Picofuse                  	665464
Tone Card - 0.5  A 125V Picofuse                       	665460
Tone Card - 1.5  A 125V Picofuse                       	665463
Processor Card - 1.0  A 125V Picofuse                  	665462
Processor Card - 4.0  A 125V Picofuse                  	665465

The HEADSET 9A is approved for use with Septara.

The Processor card 1A and Real time clock card 1A each have a NICAD battery on them with a life of 6 years.


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Last revised: November 23, 2021