Siemens Brothers Neophone No. 101

Wall type Bakelite telephone fitted with a Dial but without bell ringer or buzzer.

The information was gained from pictures of a Telephone No. 101 which was sold broken down.  The handset and dial are both missing.

The front cover is fitted to the Bellset cover which has the base plate fixed to it.  There is also a wall bracket which is shown fitted to the base plate.

The hook switch is different to the standard Neophone as it consists of a make and a changeover contact set.

The Bellset consisted of just a terminal block.  There were no bells or ringer and the sound holes are blanked off.

The circuit diagram shows a transformer but no induction coil.

The diagram also shows an external buzzer connected to the 'A' leg of the line and is disconnected when the handset is lifted.

There is also a wire 'R' which is connected when the dial is off normal.

This telephone may have been used on a private telephone system but there is no evidence to support this.

Front cover - external view


Front case - internal view
The grey object is the tranformer


Internal side of Bellset base plate


Bellset base with wall mounting bracket attatched


Bellset cover


Circuit diagram of Telephone No. 101



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Last revised: August 13, 2022