SIEMENS BROTHERS Intercommunication Telephones


These telephones afford a simple means of providing a highly efficient and fully intercommunicating telephone system up to a maximum of twenty one stations.

They are available in wall or table patterns fitted with 5, 10 or 15 automatic restoring press button line selectors and a call buzzer.  The table pattern is supplied complete with a flexible cord and terminal block.

The handset fitted is our high efficiency pattern with immersed electrode inset transmitter ensuring superior articulation with the highest transmission efficiency.

A system may consist of one more line than there are press-buttons on the telephones, e.g. telephones with ten buttons may be used to form an eleven-line system with each station having access to ten others.

The stations are interconnected by multicore cable and the whole system operates very efficiently over long periods from a single central battery; four cells are normally sufficient where the total length of cable does not exceed 250 yards.  An A.C. all-mains unit can be provided in place of the battery, if preferred.

The picture shown to the right is the Model 115A/A.

The telephones have a plastic base plate and a steel cover.

Table Model Number of Line Selectors Wall Model
112A/A 5 113A/A
114A/A 10 115A/A
116A/A 15 117A/A
122A/A 1 123A/A


External view 112A/A
Internal view 112A/A
Front view115A/A
Internal  view 115A/A
View of rear of press buttons  115A/A
Rear view 115A/A


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Last revised: November 08, 2020