No. 318 (Neophone)
Table telephone in black moulded Bakelite case. Comprising anti-sidetone induction coil (ASTIC); high efficiency "Neophone" hand microtelephone with patented immersed electrode inset transmitter, calling button and 4'  6" (1371mm) flexible cord, with four-way terminal block.

Height: 8" (203mm)
Depth: 6" (152mm)
Width: 9" (229mm)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2.04kg)

From the SIEMENS BROTHERS & CO. LIMITED catalogue No.500/1954

Additional Information

The Telephone No. 318 was fitted with a press button in the middle of the dial blank plate and a DC buzzer in the base.  No ringer mechanism or bells were provided with this set.

The telephone would have been used as an intercom and local batteries would have been provided.

Note dummy dial with a central press button  
Close up of the phone body  
Phone body parted from bellset  
Close up of terminal strip and DC Buzzer  

  Wiring Diagram


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