No. 320
Table telephone, in black moulded Bakelite case and factory fitted to a Bellset.

Although the phone is effectively a GPO No. 232, the Bellset bears no resemblance to a GPO Bellset.

How to convert the Siemens Brothers Telephone No. 320 to work on UK sockets

For the conversion you will need a new style line cord, 3.3k resistor and a Rectifier Element 205 (Click here on how to obtain these).

  1. Remove one of the wires from the capacitor (it's the grey, square object in the Bellset).

  2. Connect a 3.3k resistor between terminals E and L1 in the Bellset.

  3. Connect the red wire of the new line cord to terminal L2 in the Bellset.

  4. Connect the white wire of the line cord to terminal L1 in the Bellset.

  5. Connect the blue wire of the new line cord to terminal C in the Bellset.

  6. Insulate the green wire of the new line cord.

  7. Connect an Rectifier Element 205 between terminals 5 and 6 in the phone.

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Last revised: June 20, 2011