No. 356B/A No. 356A/A

No. 356A/A
Table telephone of the latest pattern, as standardised by the British Post Office.  Block moulded Bakelite case incorporating anti-sidetone induction coil (ASTIC); high-efficiency Neophone hand micro-telephone with patented immersed electrode inset transmitter or, automatic switch cradle; 1000 ohms ringer with 2.5in (63mm) diameter harmonised gongs.  Complete with 4ft 6in (1371 mm) flexible three-conductor cord and four way terminal block. Standard British Post Office pattern dial supplied, unless otherwise specified. Can be supplied with sliding tray in base for directory or memoranda.

Also available in:- Black, Ivory, Jade Green or Chinese Red.

Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5kgs)

Click here for the circuit diagram

No. 356B/A
As No. 356A/A, but with Dial Dummy No. 5 fitted in place of dial.

Weight: 5 lbs {2.28kgs)

From the SIEMENS BROTHERS & CO. LIMITED catalogue No.500/54

Siemens Brothers 350 series

The Siemens No's 350 and 356 are directly equivalent to the BPO No. 332 and the similarity of these numbers to BPO telephones in the 300 series can cause confusion.

Black, possibly others.

The Siemens No. 350 saw widespread use on private systems installed by  Siemens Brothers Private Telephone Department.

To convert this model to the UK Plug and Socket system

This telephone is the wired the same as the GPO 332.  Click here for the conversion details.

Additional Pictures

Telephone No. 356

Front view
Internal view - this phone has been converted to the UK standard.  The grey line cord, red object and resistor (shown by the white lead of the line cord) or not original items supplied with the phone.


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