No. 367A/A
Wall telephone, in black moulded Bakelite case, comprising anti-sidetone induction coil (ASTIC), high efficiency 'Neophone' hand micro-telephone with patented immersed electrode inset transmitter on automatic switch cradle; 1000 ohms ringer with 2.25 in (57mm) diameter gongs. Standard British Post Office pattern dial supplied, unless otherwise specified.

No. 367B/A
As No. 367A/A, but with Dial, Dummy No. 5 fitted in place of dial.

367A/A 367A/B

Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5kgs).

Height Width Depth Weight (367A/A)
7.75in (197mm) 9in (229mm) 5in (127mm) 6lbs (2.7 kgs)

From SIEMENS BROTHERS & CO. LIMITED catalogue No.500/54

When removing the case - undo the two screws on the front of the case and pull them towards you as far as they will go.  The case then opens on the hinges and the screws do not foul any components or wiring.  When closing the case also ensure that the screws are fully withdrawn.


This is an internal view of the telephone.
It has been converted to plug and socket and the capacitor, which would normally be the right of the bell ringer,
has been removed (it is not actually required).

Converting a Siemens Brothers No. 367 to Plug and Socket

  1. Discard any old cordage or wires that are connected to terminals L1, L2, C and E.

  2. Remove link between terminals L1 and E.

  3. Connect a 3.3k resistor to terminals L1 and E.

  4. Locate the capacitor (to the right of the bell ringer) and remove the white wire and insulate.

  5. White wire of the new line cord to terminal L1.

  6. Red wire of the new line cord to terminal L2.

  7. Blue wire of the new line cord to terminal C.

  8. Green wire of the line cord is not used and should be insulated.

  9. Connect a Rectifier Element No. 205 or similar to terminals 1 and 2.



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Last revised: February 27, 2022